Re: How To Live In A Simulation

From: Christopher Barton (
Date: Mon Mar 19 2001 - 09:51:29 MST

>>> Spike Jones <> 03/19/01 06:17am >>>
> James Higgins wrote: Borg is not my idea of an ideal future.
How many of you have voluntarily lost your individuality
in a crowd, specifically something like a marching band?
There is a feeling that is sooooo wicked cool, from being
a part of a bigger unit that is getting it done, that is wailing,
that is greater than the self. We should have something like
a Borg that you check into when you want and check
back out of when you want.

With a SysOp in place to stop people running amok, then this is fine. That feeling though, pleasurable though it is, can be rather dangerous. The loss of individuality encompasses the loss of responsibility and moral sense. From an evolutionary stand point, I guess the rules that apply to individuals get less important as the group gets more powerful. People, hopefully excluding reprogrammed uploads, get intoxicated by it. Mind you, the question of how bandwidth affects sense of self vs group in a SysOp scenario would presumably change group dynamics anyway.
Don't you find that physical presence is an important part of the group feeling, and that it would be lacking in the situation you described?

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