Does the Sysop need to upload anything, anyway?

From: Marc Forrester (
Date: Mon Mar 19 2001 - 08:58:41 MST

There seems to be an implicit duality in the current conversation between
physical and uploaded existence, and I'm doubting it would really be an
issue to SI thinking. You don't need to upload someone to sysop for them,
mere god like awareness and perfect knowledge of atomic physics is more than
enough to install API protocols within base physical reality. Consider how
slowly it runs - a blissfully relaxing job compared to the maintenance of
the billion universes buzzing along in the computronium. Besides, there's
probably a really elegant way in which computronium can transparently
coexist in the same spacetime as Amish material subtrate, with neither side
being any inconvenience to the other for tens of thousands of perceived

A related observation - a Sysop need not limit the freedom of anyone living
within ver sphere of influence, it is enough to increase everyone's freedom
by giving them the power of a sophisticated descendent of the killfile or
/ignore command. You can do whatever the hell you like, you may have
complete privacy in all things, (With the one fundamental exception of
creating new life) provided that everyone else is at liberty to filter their
own perception of you and your actions on a whim. What sort of societies
will develop in that world?

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