Re: Military applications of SI

From: James Rogers (
Date: Wed Mar 07 2001 - 01:23:05 MST

On 3/6/01 7:02 PM, "gabriel C" <> wrote:

> james & jimmy, just curious, have either of you served in the military?

Yep, I did some time as a Light Fighter (7th Light Infantry Division for the
civvies) for fun and experience. I was actually with an assault engineer
detachment, which is basically light infantry with C4 and some specialized
combat training (breaching difficult positions). I insisted on being in a
combat MOS in a combat platoon, much to the dismay of the recruiters since I
had maxed all the entry tests.

Further correspondence on this topic can be directed to me directly, for the
sake of the S/N.

Cheers (or should it be Semper Fi?),

-James Rogers

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