Re: Military applications of SI

From: Brian Phillips (
Date: Tue Mar 06 2001 - 21:06:52 MST

  That was an excellent summation.
  I would add that one might expect "expert systems" to be quite useful
in divers sorts of "installations" whether in orbit, at sea, or on land.
But the notion of AIs hopping about in some Terminator mode is
space opera.
  Now as an adjunct to or possibly a replacement for a general staff,
to assist in command and control, to coordinate damage control,
assist in security, and generally assist in all the logistics neccessary
to get there "firstest with the mostest" yes AI and expert systems
would be quite useful and will be developedquickly I would think.
  But there is a big difference between a "smart platform" or a
"smart battlerifle" or even an AI-dreadnaught and Terminator.
The place where an AI's strengths would be best utilized is
either "at the top" or "seamlessly meshed with the gear".
  But replacing the individual soldier with an AI in an exoskeleton
is like trying to cut butter with a propane torch.
 You can do it but it's massive overkill.
Sortof like if the Russian had won the war in Afganistan by nuking Kabul.

(who is active duty but presently "deployable" to a hospital ship
far far away from "the sharp end")

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