RE: Military in or out?

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Sat Feb 24 2001 - 22:53:22 MST

> > > I recently corresponded with a military analyst about the artificial
> > > intelligence and SI. But it made me wonder, what are people's
> view here
> > > about the desirability of maximizing or minimizing awareness
> in the U.S.
> > > military establishment about the implications of
> > superintelligence? My own
> > > inclination (which I'm not 100% confident in) is that they
> ought to know
> > > about it; and the same goes for nanotechnology.

To answer your question more directly: These guys are definitely VERY aware
the implications of these advanced technologies, but they don't consider
them to be
quite near-term enough to merit their own focused attention, yet. They have
a lot
of near-term problems to solve and as soon as they judge that nanotechnology
or superintelligence
is within, say, 3-5 years of helping them solve their problems, ~then~
they'll jump on the
appropriate bandwagon. Meanwhile, they'll just watch and wait...

Unless someone starts spreading a rumor that the KGB is pursing
nanotechnology research ;>

Of course, I don't make these statements with absolute confidence; these are
just my impressions
based on talking to some researchers from the intelligence community....
Perhaps others in some deeper
layer of some secret bureau are working on grand projects, unbeknownst to
the researchers I met.... I'd
guess not, but...

Anyway, these guys are definitely making a lot of advanced
cyber-surveillance technology.
Think "Back Orifice, government style...".

(BTW, did you know they also have a hand-held scanner that they
can aim at you and thus see through your clothes? The images don't look
terribly sexy, but they show if you're
carrying hidden weapons, etc. When the cost comes down, these will replace
metal detectors in airports.)


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