RE: How does one publish a short book?

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Date: Tue Feb 13 2001 - 14:49:08 MST

If you want to publish a book cheaply and to have the potential for wide
distribution at low cost, then the best way to publish a small book today is
via electronic/on-demand publishing.

Below is a list of electronic and print-on-demand publishers. Each one
offers different terms and conditions for publication. Examine the
trade-offs between cost to you (ranging from nothing to several hundred
dollars), copyright (most give it to you; some demand it for themselves),
and hard copy printing arrangements. I think you'll find that one or more of
these companies can give you what you want for far less than a conventional
vanity press.

Mighty Words (partly-owned by

Xlibris (partly-owned by Random House)

iPublish (Time Warner Books)

iUniverse (partly-owned by Barnes & Noble)


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Several people have been bugging me, or in some cases simply assuming,
that "Friendly AI" should be published in book form. I'm not committing
to anything, but I do see that it might be a little hard on the eyes to
read it in Web form - that people have more patience to thoroughly read
the "dead tree" publishing format - and so I'm willing to look into it.

How does one go about publishing a small, short nonfiction technical
book? Does anyone here have any experience?

Failing that, does anyone have experience with getting technical papers
bound up as minibooks - not the kind that gets sold in stores, but the
kind that you hand out to your friends? (I.e. Robert Freitas handing out
bound copies of the regular paper _Some Limits to Global Ecophagy_ at the
Foresight Gathering; long thesis papers with spiral wires through the
spine.) Would anyone care to recommend a good online bindery that handles
small jobs or microjobs?

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