Re: Basement Education

Date: Thu Jan 25 2001 - 13:41:56 MST

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<< Do you believe your AI may loose interest in humans?
 If you really believe you can build a real AI, then you should really think
 through the consequences.
 Sorry to keep throwing buckets of cold water over everyone, but if you're
 worth your salt, you're really talking about the end of the human race here.
 It's often treated so blasť like an episode of Star Trek in transhumanist
 circles. Yes, this is the SL4 list, but that doesn't mean we take it any
 less seriously. >>
George Dyson doesn't seem to get much of a hearing on these mailing lists,
however, he seems to indicate that if there is ever to be a genuine
transhumanity, it will require the uploading of willing, human, Uploaded
personalities. So is this the end of the human race, or merely, a way to
sustain ourselves, after the possible limitations of nanotechnology peeter
out, and a new life beckons for the uploaded?

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