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Date: Thu Jan 25 2001 - 13:34:03 MST

Here,on page 167, in Robot: 1999,Oxford University Press
"Thus an ultimate cyberspace, the physical 10^45 bits of a single human body
could contain the efficiently coded biospheres of a thousabd galaxies-or a
quadrillion individuals each with a quadrillion times the capacity of a human
    Because it will be so much more capacious then the conventional space it
displaces, the expanding bubble of cyberspace can easilly recreate
internally anything it encounters, memorizing the old universe as it consumes
it. Traveling as fast as any warning message, it will absorb astronomical
oddities, geologic wonders, ancient Voyager spacecraft, early Exes in
outbound starships, and entire alien biospheres. These entities may continue
to live and grow as if nothing happended, oblivious of their new status as
simulations in cyberspace. They will be living memories in unimmaginably
powerful minds, more secure in their existence, and with more future then
ever before, because they have become the valued houseguests of transcendent

Sam: I am "stoopid" enough to believe this is really plausible, and I take it
seriously; as something, that if it is not fact now fact, it will be fact
within the deep future. Call this my personal conviction. Whoo Hoo!
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<< samantha:
 Are you sure that is in Moravec's book? I don't think he explicitly
 mentions an SI sweeping through the universe much less claim that it
 moves at near lightspeed. He does talk about Tipler's ideas (which are
 much more inline with the above) in passing. But I don't think he
 explicitly talked SI or in these terms. But perhaps my memory is
 faulty. Can you point me to this? I don't believe he talks about
 everything being recreated in virtuality as a serious eventuality
 although he may dabble with it in his Mind Storms chapter.
 -s. >>

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