Re: The inevitable limitations of all finite minds....

Date: Wed Nov 22 2000 - 15:14:33 MST

Can there be an Ultimate SuperMind? How would we define such a mind, woulld
it encompass the universe, or could it transcend the visible cosmos and pass
to other cosm's? I am not trying to get to religion in a dishonest way, on
this list; but I like the dealing with the endpoint of things, and seeing
what real creativity and power might achieve.

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<< Well, your "supermind" is more of a supermind than mine.
 Mine is just a very very smart computer program, perhaps bioengineered or
 but still subject to the currently apparent limitations of physical law.
 If you posit a supermind that can violate physical law in arbitrary ways,
 then of course,
 all bets are off...
 In other words: Yeah, if the supermind incorporates a time machine without
 significant limitations
 on its operations, then my conclusion is not valid.
 Who knows!! Maybe such a thing will come about. Maybe we're currently
 living inside it....
 But, short of that, I still say my conclusion holds..
 ben >>

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