RE: The inevitable limitations of all finite minds....

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Wed Nov 22 2000 - 13:19:09 MST

> But the "superintelligent supermind" has more than
> an instinctual
> awareness of the past, but possesses an intrinsic and
> simultaneous awareness
> of the past. Therefore your argument,
> "Having compressed, we no longer have access to what we originally
> experienced, only to the compressed form. We have lost some information.",
> does not apply.

Well, your "supermind" is more of a supermind than mine.

Mine is just a very very smart computer program, perhaps bioengineered or
but still subject to the currently apparent limitations of physical law.

If you posit a supermind that can violate physical law in arbitrary ways,
then of course,
all bets are off...

In other words: Yeah, if the supermind incorporates a time machine without
significant limitations
on its operations, then my conclusion is not valid.

Who knows!! Maybe such a thing will come about. Maybe we're currently
living inside it....

But, short of that, I still say my conclusion holds..


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