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<< First, I should give a little background about the kind of singularity I
 am expecting. My intuition is that whatever "magic" advances in physics
 provide, the laws of thermodynamics and the speed of light will remain,
 and that these will be sufficient to keep a true singularity from
 occurring.[1] (Regardless, the maximum rate of change on the S curve
 that occurs will be pretty extreme, so it could be considered a
 singularity in the colloquial sense.) >>
On this count I believe that perception will change radically, the more we
learn. I thing there is a natural tendency for people to draw imaginary lines
and say this is what we know, and thus sayeth Einstein, or Darwin, or
whomever Light, graces our age.

One darkhorse theory that is now being bandied about (in part) because of a
few studies is that the universe is partially made up of a knd of
mirror-matter, that seems to be only capable of interacting with matter and
antimatter; only through the media of gravity. I was just reading last week's
New Scientist, which I get a week later then the online preview, in which a
astronomer from the U of Melborne in Australia believes he may have uncovered
evidence. The theory itself, fits within known parameters of
Einsteinian-Hubble notions of how the cosmos behaves; yet its impact would be
profoundfy revolutionary. It would affect all aspects of physics--these
mirror worlds. Talk about a singularity--quantum mirror matter wormholes for

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