RE: Pain vs. negative feedback (was: Evolving minds)

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Sat Nov 18 2000 - 21:32:43 MST

> > Webmind would need to realize that it had more pain than it
> would have had
> > otherwise, trace back the causality for that to the action of the human,
> > categorize the presence of "more pain than in a subjunctive alternate
> > reality" as "undesirable" (regardless of the purpose that pain
> is supposed
> > to accomplish), and combine the fact of "human responsibility" with the
> > "undesirable outcome" to resent the humans.
> This kind of reasoning is really not very hard for a probababilistic
> inference
> engine like the one implicit in WM's inheritance links, given adequate
> experiential
> data. I mean, I could write out the exact inference steps involved in the
> train
> of thought you describe, in terms of WM nodes and links (but I won't...).
> We have
> not achieved this kind of application of WM inference yet,

But we have achieved MORE complex reasoning, just not tied to the
learning aspect as in your example...


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