RE: the 69 of us

From: Ben Goertzel (
Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 08:38:17 MST

> > i wonder to myself, is anyone out there, especially in our
> circles,working
> > on a better hardware? not just a faster computer, but something entirely
> > new?
> > just curious. i haven't seen anything that would indicate that that
> > particular line of research is happening. Of course, maybe i'm
> not looking
> > in the right places...

I have thought a bit about how to make better hardware, but have not come
to implementing anything

The general conceptual principles underlying one possible new and better
kind of computer
can be found at

The design described there is a totally impractical "proof of concept" that
Quantum Computing can work...

I have thought, since that time, of some ways to make a somewhat more
practical prototype, but
haven't come up with anything truly viable for making a large-scale machine
of this type.

Anyone with expertise in solid-state or low-temperature physics who'd like
to brainstorm on this project, by all means
pipe up!!

Some interesting work on quantum robotics was done at Neutronics Tech Corp,
but seems no longer to exist -- perhaps they ran
out of money

Some of their papers still are online...

I tend to be very skeptical of their work but they did build a nifty little
robot using their principles...

When I was in Perth, there was a company called Formulab Neuronetics which
was building a nifty neural-nettish hardware
system, being used initially for process control. I can't find any
technical information on them in the Web at the moment
though. The messages at
tell you a little...

So, yeah, there's lots of this type of work going on, around the fringes of
the mainstream CS community. However, none of it
has become competitive with the standard hardware computing paradigm, which,
whatever its flaws, has a FUCK of a lot of money
and effort being poured into it at present

-- Ben

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