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Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 07:59:58 MST

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> > Humans will either transform or perish.
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Yes, this is a very odd statement.

Donkeys after all have neither transformed nor perished. Ditto for
chinchillas, dingoes,
cassowaries, coelacanths, chimpanzees, Gila monsters, speckle-backed
and all kinds of other beasts, fish and fowl.

And, there is reason to suspect that humans and animals have MORE resource
competition than
humans and AI's will...

Having said that, I think it's pretty likely that humans WILL transform, not
all at once, but
gradually.... Each new generation will find one more aspect of
transhumanism to be natural rather
than bizarre and offputting....

But most likely, the transformation will be done not to avoid perishing, but
to avoid being uncool, or to ensure
placing oneself in a higher income bracket....


> You still didn't read Diaspora did you? I don't see any reason that the
> humans who want to can't stay on Earth and just keep living the same way
> after the Singularity. Probably be a lot less of them around though, at
> least for a while. The sysop can keep them from killing themselves off.
> Might be interesting to see how far strictly human minds will be able to
> develop technology.
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> Brian Atkins
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