Re: Selling AI versus selling knowledge...

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Mon Oct 30 2000 - 01:50:37 MST

Peter Voss wrote:
> Technology - how to build tools/ AI - is also knowledge. Thus, one cannot
> differentiate that way.
> There has always been a trade-off between whether to make money off the
> tools one develops, or off what the tools produce. (Sell the axe, or the
> timber)
> I agree with Eli that in AI it will become increasingly difficult to
> separate databases from methods/ process. So the choice will be whether just
> to sell answers/ solutions to specific problems, or to sell/ rent the tool
> (& knowledge of how best to use them!)

Why not the solution that some software people propose? Sell AI
consulting/working time. This is more renting the "tool" except as AI
advances it is more of a direct consulting relationship. In the early
stages it is human consultants backed by their own and/or rented AI. I
guess this is basically the same as suggested. Would it be fair to
summarize that raw input (text, references, speech, information dumps)
can be shared relatively indpendent of precise methods/process at either
end of the transaction but that digestion of the information
(learning/incorporated knowledge) cannot be so easily separated?

- samantha

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