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Date: Sat Sep 30 2000 - 19:49:49 MDT

Josh Yotti wrote:

>I'm willing to bet the people working toward superhuman intelligence will
>be hunted down. Of course, the people hunting us down will be irrational,
>ignorant, narrowminded and stupid. If I remember correctly, less than ten
>percent of the world's population can be classified as rational. (This is
>temperament. Check out what I mean at

Firstly, I seriously doubt that we will be "hunted down" as you so
eloquently put it, though I acknowledge that people (namely Luddites) can
make things a bit more difficult for us. However, this creates an
extremely important question: is it more beneficial for us to try to stop
our progresses and thereby avoid a "hunt-down," or is it better for us to
work our asses off in bringing about our desired future (e.g.:
superintelligences) and let the possible repercussions fall where they may?

I for one stand on the latter side of that division, and presume that most
other rational futurists do as well. Besides, I figure that it would be
very difficult for us to stop these technological progresses verbatim
anyway, which illustrates that rather than fearing a hunt-down, we should
be aware of public resistance and take steps to make superintelligences
(indeed, all future progresses) more palatable to the public --marketing.

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