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Date: Sat Sep 30 2000 - 19:35:56 MDT

I really doubt this is true... I don't think that anyone will be hunted down
or otherwise
harassed until demonstrable superhuman intelligence has been ACHIEVED

For instance, I've had a start-up company devoted to creating superhuman
intelligence for
3 years now, and no one has harassed me, because NO ONE BELIEVES WE CAN

Once the thinking machine is demonstrated -- ~then~ we'll have to start to


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> I'm willing to bet the people working toward superhuman
> intelligence will be hunted down. Of course, the people hunting
> us down will be irrational, ignorant, narrowminded and stupid. If
> I remember correctly, less than ten percent of the world's
> population can be classified as rational. (This is temperament.
> Check out what I mean at
> Images of the Salem witch trials come to mind. We probably will
> not be safe. People will automatically think that we are trying to:
> A) Take over the world.
> B) "Purify" the world by killing most of humanity
> C) Any other stupid reason you can think of.
> Humanity, as a whole, is stupid. America is made up of media
> zombies who act on gossip and whims, and rumors. Having an
> original and true thought really hurts. In fact, Bill Joy's "Why
> the future doesn't need us" on Wired had a writing from Kazynski
> (I know that's not how it is spelled; you know, the Unabomber)
> that stated, basically, superhuman intelligence would either
> destroy us all or take away all meaning from life.
> Well, anyway, we might have to move to another country or
> gradually introduce the concept to other people or not inform the
> general public (either not saying anything or hiding it behind
> lots of technospeak, computer jargon, and large-word gobbledygook).
> What do you think?
> Josh Yotty
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