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Date: Fri Sep 15 2000 - 12:18:16 MDT

Nice intro, sounds a bit like a summary of Great Mambo Chicken. I really like it, you've managed to sum up a lot of information on one page and still keep it readable. Although it says, regarding an upgrade of neurons, that "time would pass a million times faster for you", and then goes on to say "more than a century of subjective time would pass every hour of realtime". Intuitively, these two sound like contradictions, since the first statement sounds like we would experience reality at a higher speed and the other contradicts it. However, please tell me if I'm a stupid Swedish person who doesn't understand English.
    Well, I have apparently misunderstood what you've written in your Meaning of Life FAQ: "If computing power doubles every two years, what happens when computers are doing the research?" I thought that to achieve a higher order of Moore's Law, we need to actually hook up a seed AI to a factory, since humans are just too slow and dumb to carry out its instructions. Cut out the middle-man, if you will. However, that intro to the Singularity seems to stick to the Lenat/EURISKO model of computer-*aided* design. I thought that such an approach would be ineffective..?

- Joaquim Gāndara

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> Um, both of you folks may want to take a fast look at "An Introduction to the
> Singularity".
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