RE: nagging questions

From: Patrick McCuller (
Date: Wed Sep 06 2000 - 12:20:46 MDT

> >
> > Thus the path of AI first is the path of least risk.
> This doesn't deal with the rest of my question. Since a Singularity
> class AI is utterly unpredictable, much more so than human beings and is
> much more powerful simply humans with things things like nanotech, then
> exactly why is the AI less dangerous? Your argument above seems to
> hinge on an assumption that the AI will be a Sysop that will rule over
> everything and somehow keep us from harm. That is a quite questionable
> assumption.
> - samantha
        Remember that AI is also a tool. We'll be better equipped to know whether
to proceed when we have an AI approaching transcendence. Would you be
happier with this scenario:

        1 A superhuman AI achieves transcendence.

        or with this one:

        1 A superhuman AI (but not a singularity) designs a means of uploading
        2 One or more humans are uploaded.
        3 An uploaded human achieves transcendence.



PS A singularity is not truly unpredictable.

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