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From: gabriel C (
Date: Tue Sep 05 2000 - 07:06:02 MDT

I doubt I can bring any other sentiments into a reply that Eliezer hasn't
already, but I will nonetheless donate my two cents.

>I've read most of the stuff at over the last day or two. I
>am of two (at least) minds about this work of bringing Singularity to
>fruition quickly.

I do not believe that we as singularitarians have the option of being "of
two minds". It is wise to have a perspective on all things you encounter in
your life, but this is far beyond the pale of ordinary things. Plus, we
can't afford the time or divisive mindset this might bring about. If we
doubt the work in front of us, the Singularity might not be reached before
we as a race destroy ourselves.

>Even granted that this Power is a much higher sentience, I still feel as
>if I am betraying humankind, betraying my own primary motives in working
>to bring it about sometimes. How do the rest of you deal with this?
>What am I missing?

see below.

>I know that the Singularity is eventually inevitable for some
>intelligent species and inevitable for us barring major disaster or some
>totally unforeseen bottleneck. But how can I be in a hurry to bring it
>about and still claim I work for the good of humanity?
>- samantha

What are you missing? The same thing we all are. The lack of sight beyond
the wall of super-evolution that is the Singularity. How do we deal with it?
I can't claim knowledge of how anyone else on this list sleeps at night with
the knowledge we have, but i go forward knowing that I must work for it with
all available resources because there is no other choice. It IS inevitable,
as you said, and while there is the chance of the loss of the human race,
well, there are myriad threats to our species. The Singularity, while itself
a possible threat, is the ONLY way we can stop the other inevitability:
global self-genocide. We must not second guess ourselves.

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