[SL4] New Singularity Website and Forthcoming Book

From: john.smart@home.com
Date: Tue Jul 25 2000 - 03:05:24 MDT

Dear SL4 Members,

I run another Singularity oriented website you may wish to know about.


I'm in the process of writing what I hope will be the second
published book on the coming Singularity (Damien Broderick's "The
Spike" is the first). I will have at least a draft version available
on the site by the end of Summer.

There are links to important books and sites which may be of interest
to you, and three levels of mailing list you may wish to join.

My book will definitely present a new perspective on the inevitable
and fast-approaching transition which I have not yet seen discussed
in Singularity/Singularitarian circles, and I think it will be quite
valuable for you as open-minded and tech-savvy students of this
meme.  I hope you'll check out my site, and get on the mailing list.

In Joy,

John Smart
Los Angeles and San Diego, CA

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