Re: [SL4] AI Ethics & Banning the Future.

From: Marc Forrester (
Date: Thu Feb 17 2000 - 19:07:54 MST

From: Marc Forrester <>

Eliezer S. Yudkowsky: Thursday 17-Feb-00
> No, what I meant is that it's already happening.

Oh, right. Apologies. I wondered, but I figured you didn't mean that..

> The Norns have trainable neural networks; they speak and can solve logical
> puzzles. And, as the aforesaid webpage shows, certain people are having
> torturing them.

Because Norn, Aibo and Catz personalities are mostly made of cute graphics
sampled sound effects, with a net connecting it all together that you can
on a sheet of A4 with a big thick pen. They're about as conscious as moss.

Aren't they?

I was thinking more in terms of something that could actually deal with a
simulated 3D world that it could see, feel and hear, something that could
learn a basic symbolic language just from exposure, like chimpanzees with
sign language. Still, as Patrick points out, the implications of Norn
torture pages are frankly hideous.

> That wasn't pedantry, of course, but even if it had been, I believe in
> perfection. (Actually, since "perfection" implies stasis, I should
> perhaps say that I believe in flawlessness.)

Yes.. Myself, I see perfection as a direction rather than an attainable
There's always something more to learn, something better to become. I think
always make mistakes, though. How else is a sponge of synapses to learn?

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