[SL4] AI & the religious right

From: Patrick McCuller (pmcculler@earthlink.net)
Date: Wed Feb 16 2000 - 13:02:39 MST

From: "Patrick McCuller" <pmcculler@earthlink.net>

        Ever since the public reaction to Dolly, something's been itching at me:
the legality of AI. The legal and moral implications of machine intelligence
need entire volumes to consider, but what concerns me from a developmental
perspective is the possibility of an outright ban on strong AI research.

        I know this sounds a little silly, but it isn't impossible considering the
sensitivity of certain elements of the population to (relatively) harmless
scientific progress such as genetically engineered food and human cloning
research. When the (direct) possibility of strong AI becomes obvious, the
religious right may go absolutely bonkers. I think they will see AI as an
enormous invasion of turf.

        Any thoughts?

Patrick McCuller

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