[SL4] Military AI

From: MetalLynx@aol.com
Date: Mon Feb 14 2000 - 17:58:03 MST

From: MetalLynx@aol.com

A1200@mharr.f9.co.uk writes:

> Assuming strong AI is possible, (And there's a pound of the stuff
> sitting in my head right now AFAIK) militaries do seem to be heading
> in the right direction to develop it.

I doubt military AI will ever approach true strong AI status. Right now there
are two main fields of tactical AI research, analysis and interpretation, and
executive imbedded weapon AI. Analysis AI, as previously mentioned, functions
to condense a wide spectrum of tactical intelligence to a human-readable
format. Executive AI is simply an advanced version of what sits on the
nosecones of most modern missiles, consisting mostly of threat identification
and acquisition (missiles that can hover above target areas on sustainer
motors for hours or days, ID an enemy vehicle, and attack). There is a vital
segment missing here, the decision-making element. In the near-future it
seems that the military will be extremely reticent to hand over
decision-making functions to advanced AI. Input and output related to human
operators will be refined incredibly, but the cognitive modules required for
strong AI will probably remain unresearched, at least in the next few decades.

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