[sl4] Ray Kurzweil: You are Cordially Invited to the Singularity Summit 2011 in New York

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Subject: You are Cordially Invited to the Singularity Summit 2011 in New York

I am writing to cordially invite you to the 6th annual Singularity Summit, to be held at the 92nd
St. Y in New York City on October 15-16.

The Singularity Summit is the only conference that examines the full suite of transformative
emerging technologies, especially artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and automation, which
are transforming our lives on a daily basis.

In 2002, I predicted that by 2029 there would be artificial intelligence capable of lively and
spontaneous conversation at the human level -- Turing Test passing AI. Earlier this year, the
field moved closer to that goal when Watson, an IBM computer, defeated two human
champions in the game show Jeopardy! On the show, Watson answered obscure Jeopardy!
questions about topics as diverse as Lord of the Rings, Rock & Roll, and abstract wordplay

This year's Singularity Summit will be focused on the victory of Watson in Jeopardy! and what
it means for the future of artificial intelligence. My talk, "From Eliza to Watson to Passing the
Turing Test" will put Watson in the context of the history and future of conversational AI. Ken
Jennings, the Jeopardy! champion who dominated the game for 74 consecutive matches in
2004, only to lose to Watson in an epic battle of Man vs. Machine earlier this year, will
discuss the details of his loss to the IBM computer.

Besides AI and robotics, many other topics will be addressed, including brain simulation, the
economy, human enhancement, and neuroscience. A variety of eminent speakers will give
talks -- neuroscientist Dr. Christof Koch, economist Tyler Cowen, cosmologist Max Tegmark,
roboticists Robin Murphy and James McLurkin, investor Peter Thiel, television personalities
Casey Pieretti and Jason Silva, and more.

You can register today at: http://www.singularitysummit.com/registration

The full speaker roster is at: http://www.singularitysummit.com/program

The Singularity is the most world-altering and important event in history. If there is any global
issue that is not getting the attention and discussion it deserves, it is the Singularity. Join
other intellectual pioneers, business leaders, and scientists this October in New York to
explore the Singularity and its manifold implications.

Ray Kurzweil

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