[sl4] Fightless edition of pure-genes CA-GA 4.99.99 makes the superior art I bet

From: Eric Burton (brilanon@gmail.com)
Date: Thu Jun 16 2011 - 16:20:12 MDT

Hi. I hacked fights out of the pure-genes version of ca-ga and
released an alternate version.

http://ansistego.sf.net/ca-ga-fightless.c for Linux, build string at
http://ansistego.sf.net/ca-ga-fightless-mingw.rar for Windows

Fights seemed to be preferred by the pure DNA version, senseless as
DNA is on its own. The neural version can maybe handle them better.
But for the sake of seeing in a modern (fair and bugless) version the
art I endorsed as produced by revision 2, and which I may have failed
to demonstrate at all yet, I made this. Also I'm presently in mental
health incarceration so please send well wishes prayers and good luck.
I may be out of here in a day or two if all goes well. Thanks guys

Do me a favour and try this software


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