Re: [sl4] Re: META: closing the list

From: Gary York (
Date: Thu May 12 2011 - 17:21:23 MDT

My opinion: close it.

The guy who started it 'grew up' and left to pursue other venues.
That's ok.

His intellect and ideas drew others to debate and discourse and also
drew some of us who mostly liked to watch. And it seems, it's mostly us
'watchers' that are left.

I followed him to Overcoming Bias and later to Less Wrong. I read his
fiction and watch the various videos. It's actually been months since
I've seen him very active on Less Wrong but that venue (and OB) seems to
have become self-sustaining. SL4 hasn't.

Those who once came here to 'play' no longer turn up; there's nothing
left to watch. So pack up the crib, the pictures, posters, and funny
old clothes. Turn off the camera and turn out the lights.

SL4 has done it's job.

And thanks for doing yours.



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