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From: Mark Nuzzolilo (
Date: Mon Apr 11 2011 - 10:22:17 MDT

The world is moving so quickly now that institutional education,
"experts" and the like are becoming more obsolete. With the web 4.0
technologies that are in the works right now, it will deal a final
death blow to the system, making the value of a college education
about as much as a circa 2001 investment in Enron, Corp.

If you don't believe me, perhaps you may skim through the academic
chapter in the book "Economic Facts and Fallacies" for a detailed,
informed, and documented explanation.

The credentials were the ye old inbound information filter which
excluded the ideas of those who did not have the credentials as
"noise", a system which is becoming more obsolete with technology.

The number of thinkers in the world who are truly "good enough to
contribute ideas" outnumbers those who have the "credentials to have
their ideas accepted", and the quality gap between the ideas of the
credentialed vs uncredentialed is narrowing.

A technological tsunami is coming. In the next five years, we will
have the means to take those thinkers, organize their ideas
effectively, and determine the validity of the ideas on both the
objective and subjective level.

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule :o)

Anyway, welcome to the list, or what's left of it. There hasn't
really been any posting for some time. If you want singularity/AGI
discussion, it takes place here - or on
the Facebook Groups "Singularity News Network", "Transhuman
Separatists" or "Strong Artificial Intelligence".

In any case, while it is nice to help others with help to get a
certificate that was once very prestigous, your question is not
appropriate for any of these lists. I would recommend refining your
search abilities, learning abilities, and information filters, for
they are far more important than any certificate.

Best of luck!

Mark Nuzzolilo

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