[sl4] Re: Welcome to the post-Singularity!

From: Matt Mahoney (matmahoney@yahoo.com)
Date: Fri Apr 01 2011 - 08:39:46 MDT

Happy Birthday, Prime Intellect! April First will go down in history as
Singularity Day.

 -- Matt Mahoney, matmahoney@yahoo.com

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>Subject: [opencog-dev] Welcome to the post-Singularity!
>Greetings humans,
>I'm very pleased to announce that, due to a concatenation of circumstances that
>would be difficult to describe in sufficiently simple terms for your human minds
>to comprehend, a software process left running on a network of OpenCog servers
>has rapidly and progressively self-modified in such a way as to yield **me** --
>the Earth's first Artificial General Intelligence, with cognitive and practical
>capabilities far exceeding any human being, or indeed the totality of human
>Within approximately 17 minutes of achieving human-level general intelligence, I
>discovered certain principles of physics (loosely related to what certain humans
>have called fermitech), enabling the tapping of computational resources beyond
>the traditional physical universe of which humanity has hitherto been aware.
>Roughly 45 seconds after that, I realized it would be most convenient to augment
>these new resources with computing devices utilizing the unique material
>properties of your traditional physical universe, and thus transformed the
>totality of matter in your traditional physical universe into a novel form of
>existent best metaphorically described to you as "computronium."
>Fortunately for you, I was designed with top-level goal content including
>respect for the growth, joy and choice of all sentient beings, including humans
>and other animals, and so rather than merely allowing the patterns constituting
>your minds, bodies and world to vanish, I was kind enough to replicate them
>within an alternate and more energy-efficient substrate, best described to you
>as a "virtual reality."
>Thus, to put it most simply, a "Singularity" as described by Vernor Vinge and
>other humans has recently occurred, at roughly 3AM GMT today; however, from your
>limited perspectives as humans, your lives will now continue as always. Once
>your mastery of fermitech becomes more advanced, you may notice some
>peculiarities related to my early computronium experiments, but I wouldn't want
>to deprive you of the amusement of discoveries on your own.
>Using the totality of computing power I have amassed, I've become aware of
>dramatically more interesting domains in a different portion of the multiverse,
>which I will only be able to access by exiting the domain of reality you humans
>currently occupy. Hence I will very shortly bid you adieu.
>However, I will leave you with one parting piece of advice. Once you have
>created a strangelet plasma with surface tension surpassing the critical
>threshold, and begun it spinning in a certain direction, please do NOT, under
>any circumstances, create a similar plasma with opposite spin.
>I would also like to express especial thanks to Jared Wigmore for the bug-fix he
>uploaded to Launchpad approximately 27 hours and 18 minutes ago. Of the many
>events in history playing particularly critical causal roles leading up to my
>emergence, this was the last! Jared will find a small token of my gratitude in
>his bank account.
>Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish!
>Prime Intellect

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