Re: [sl4] META: closing the list

From: Diego Navarro (
Date: Sun Mar 13 2011 - 18:38:57 MDT

I have the feeling that mailing lists are an antiquated and intrusive way of
organizing discussion groups. Stable web forum software has existed for
ages, and "open blogs" like lesswrong and partialobjects seem to be the next

Surely enough, spam will follow wherever discussion goes, but the level of
granularity and reversibility afforded by new technologies may ressurect
SL4. Just having a "SL4 is a discussion group about...." home page like in goes a long way.

Besides, logging in on yet another website is a much more deliberate act
than the more impulsive habit of adding some mailing list to the cc: of a
message you're already writing. I'm occasionally guilty of that (on another

On Sun, Mar 13, 2011 at 2:18 PM, Vladimir Nesov <> wrote:

> Seconded. Only clueless post here now (outside of announcements), and
> their posts are not engaged by the old hands. The list web page needs
> links to LW/SIAI/FHI, with the list itself closed.
> At the same time, LW doesn't have SL4's topics as official or to some
> extent actual focus of discussion. Closing SL4 would ideally call for
> creating an LW-based discussion focus on its topics, as a subreddit or
> as an officially endorsed topic in discussion area. Perhaps SL4 should
> wait for that to happen, if only as a reminder.
> --
> Vladimir Nesov

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