Re: [sl4] An idea to allow everything to exist

From: Matt Mahoney (
Date: Sat Jan 01 2011 - 13:14:01 MST

> Matt it is not allowable to make this analysis. This is meddling.

I didn't say he couldn't do it. I believe that if people want to foolishly kill
themselves, then they should have that right.

I mean, this isn't hard. I have a program running a copy of your mind, an
upload, if you will. It/you lives in a simulated paradise where all of your
wishes are granted. Go ahead and shoot yourself to complete the upload. What's
the matter? I have printouts to prove you are happy beyond your wildest dreams.

 -- Matt Mahoney,

>From: Dagon Gmail <>
>Sent: Sat, January 1, 2011 10:59:15 AM
>Subject: Re: [sl4] An idea to allow everything to exist
>But is this really what you want, a world with magic genies that grant your
>every wish? Well, I guess so. Those are the goals that evolution programmed into
>your brain. They worked well enough to propagate your DNA in a world without AI.
>But surprisingly, it doesn't work when you can actually have everything you
>want. If happiness means an increase in utility, then you reach a maximum
>because all real computers in this finite universe are finite state machines. In
>that maximum, any thought or perception would be unpleasant because it would
>result in a different mental state with lower utility. Meanwhile, back in the
>real world, self replicating agents that can't reprogram their goals will be
>evolving and competing for the resources needed to run your dream world.

Matt it is not allowable to make this analysis. This is meddling. It's like
saying to someone who wants to
fly "yes you may want to fly, however, the air at higher altitudes is less dense
and you will suffocate...'
andsoforth. This person wants to emigrate into a new existential state. It's a
pilgrim father and you are
already setting yourself up to become a pogrom father. You can't accept it.
There must be a catch. This
cannot be. There must be a natural law. It can't be this easy. Quickly quickly
let's rationalize this into
impossibility because if it were possible it .. it... would be unacceptable!!!

I suggest you wish him good luck and ask for progress reports. He might discover
amazing things

'down there'. My guess the eventual domain of dreamworld servers will be in the
tectonic plane bedrock
of planets. Lots of space there. Lots off energy there. Lots of minerals there.
He doesn't need to worry

all that much about jealous people who can't stand him having his little
cyber-amish dreamworld a

mile deep. He might last hundreds of years there. If he's lucky he'll upgrade
his wetbrain to a fresh
substrate and by the time he's ready he'll be running at thousand fold cycles
with a brain hundreds
of times as big, no longer himself bur rather a prismatic unfolded version of
self - a jungian, freudian
DM unto him/her/itself. Or maybe a Dominatrix. Who is to tell?

Maybe you can be his guest one day.

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