Re: [sl4] Looking for a post-light-singularity online short story.

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Date: Fri Dec 31 2010 - 11:35:59 MST

"Fossil Games" by Tom Purdom?

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>I really didn't expect this to be hard, but even rec.arts.sf.written
>failed (
>I read this on the web. I *think* it was a short story; at most
>novelette length. This was within the last 5 years or so.
>Basically, it's the future, humans have done lots and lots of
>intelligence enhancement; each generation is smarter than the one
>before. Then we find a planet with alien ruins. There is a ship
>sent there. For reasons I can no longer remember, one of the people
>(male?) on the ship tries to destroy the ruins, and another tries to
>stop her (pretty sure female). She is younger, and hence smarter,
>than him, so he ends up taking lots of heavy-side-effect nootropics
>to keep up with her. The war is fought almost entirely by 3-D
>printed robots from the ships machine shops.
>The emphasis is very much on intelligence: that a standard deviation
>of IQ is going to determine the results of any strategy game
>(probably mostly true, given equal experience) and that war is
>basically that (also mostly true in this case, since the robots
>won't freak out and run).
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