[sl4] An idea to allow everything to exist

From: Mindaugas Indriunas (inyuki@gmail.com)
Date: Sun Dec 26 2010 - 14:29:39 MST


today I have sent the following idea to LindenLab (SecondLife creators). The
idea is to have an array of computers to simulate the worlds/wonderlands of
our preference, which would eventually be taken care of by robots of our own
design, as we travel across the universe. Would you have any ideas about it,
that would be interesting to know your comments.

------- LETTER -------
Today, when there exists many political and ideological differences across
different nations, the world needs a common goal. However, due to
persistence of various national and religious institutions, their wishes and
goals are contradictory, and are unlikely to change as long as the ideology
of these conflicting institutions will not change.

However, we, as mankind, need a common goal as never before. I think, the
virtual worlds, and the technology behind them, is what could bring about a
solution, and a long-term goal, which could be pursued immediately. So, here
it goes:

Imagine the world, which consists of a potentially infinite array of very
powerful computers, each of which is separate, and dedicated to create
unique virtual realities for each of us individuals, in accordance to the
type of life we wish to have. The computes would be connected to human
brain, and the human bodies maintained by other individuals (this
potentially could be especially attractive for those who have a wealthy
retirement plans, and difficulties to move one's own body). However, in the
long run, the target would be to have robots to maintain the computers and
human bodies. The robots would repair, replace and improve these computers,
as well as take care of their safety, and supply of resources, as we (with
Earth) would all travel across the universe.

Assuming that we create robots could ensure our existence with very high
certainty, our action or inaction would have no significant effect to
ensuring our survival, and we would have the freedom to live lives in the
worlds that we prefer, which would be limited only by he computational power
of each computer simulating an individual’s world. The goal that such
conglomerate of computers, robots and people would pursue, is to convert the
Universe into a structure that allows existence of every conceivable entity,
in the full expression of its dreams, and with or without the awareness that
there exists an outside world that ensures the stability and quality of the
inner (simulated)

Hopefully, this would allow mankind to cooperate on a completely new level,
independent of what individual values they have, because this would be the
structure that preserves the values, dream-worlds of us all.

Today, we have movies (and some interactive movies) that already allow us to
experience a glimpse of the beauty of various dream-worlds.

What the realisation of many-worlds idea would allow us, is to preserve our
ancient, modern and our newly created worlds, cultures, with their own
beauty, in the array of wonderlands, which we could live in, without the
fear of extinction of us, or any of them.

I think, you have the resources and technology to start experimenting with
this today.
------- LETTER -------

Mindaugas Indriūnas

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