[sl4] Gravity For Patterns - a theory of everything

From: lispunit_benrayfield@audivolv.com
Date: Fri Dec 17 2010 - 18:19:56 MST

I will list some observations then some theories which try to explain them,
including my Gravity For Patterns theory which explains the Copenhagen
Interpretation of quantum physics as an approximation of the most infinite
version of Manyworlds.

DEFINITION: Laws-of-physics is the statistical behavior of a subset of the
universe, usually the subset closest to Earth.

OBSERVATION: The only known laws-of-physics is very accurately approximated by
small math equations.

OBSERVATION: The only known laws-of-physics has arbitrary-appearing (not like pi
or e or integers) constants in its equations.

OBSERVATION: The only known laws-of-physics has never been observed changing
(same equations), or only a small amount.

OBSERVATION: When in superposition, 1 particle/wave can be in thousands of
places at once without being between those places, and when 1 of those thousands
of places is touched, 1 gets more dense and the others get less dense.

OBSERVATION: Quantum wavefunctions can be split by a half-mirror and reassembled
by the same process in reverse at a different half-mirror. Its branches can
cancel each other out or strengthen each other, depending on the angles and
number of bounces etc.

OBSERVATION: More often than would happen randomly or through normal
communication or observing the environment etc, there are small statistical
dependencies between the brains of people and/or quantum physics devices. See
the "main results" list at http://noosphere.princeton.edu for the results of
those experiments.

OBSERVATION: The E8 math structure very accurately approximates the only known
laws-of-physics. It is many rotations of a 57-dimensional shape in
248-dimensional space, where each dimension represents a quantum particle/wave
type. There are levels of organization built on top of levels between 248
particle types (including some not observed) and the small number of types at
the top of the Standard Model.

THEORY (by Max Tegmark): "All structures that exist mathematically exist also

LOGIC: If Tegmark is right then: For any subset of the universe, there are an
infinite number of unique ways to simulate that subset and recursively
simulations of simulations to infinite depth, all averaging to nothing because
of the symmetry of math.

DEFINITION: Pattern is any subset of math. A wavefunction or any subset of it is
a pattern. A statistical similarity between 2 patterns or subsets of them is a

THEORY "Gravity For Patterns": The universe is the set of all possible
wavefunctions of patterns instead of simply wavefunctions of particles/waves,
and patterns attract patterns more when they are more similar.

LOGIC: If Gravity For Patterns is right then: Collapsing a wavefunction is the
superpositioned parts falling toward each other, pulled by the mostly-collapsed
parts (the parts of reality they agree on) being similar patterns. The E8 shape
is 1 of many possible shapes, and (possibly, but not necessarily practical) new
shapes can be rotated in while E8 is gradually rotated out, to locally change
the laws-of-physics to any arbitrary pattern you can amplify through

THEORY: The "statistical dependencies between the brains of people and/or
quantum physics devices" are caused by such a rotation between E8 and whatever
pattern fits the combination of brainwaves/devices which become statistically
dependent, and that is probable to happen because infinite recursions of
"Gravity For Patterns" (patterns about patterns attracting) will pattern-match
any 2 patterns in 2 brains and ***exponentially*** increase the chance such
patterns will connect through the multiverse. Its exponential because the
recursion of patterns always finds an effective path between the 2 patterns. It
finds an infinite number of other things, but the gravity part gradually changes
that, and a small change goes exponential because of the recursion.

Gravity For Patterns is a theory of everything, including how the
laws-of-physics form and how to locally change them using small amounts of
energy and large amounts of intelligence.

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