[sl4] A favor: please constructively criticize my "Cosmist Manifesto" [in the Comments, not on this list]

From: Ben Goertzel (ben@goertzel.org)
Date: Mon Apr 12 2010 - 06:53:10 MDT

Greetings fellow futurists...

Last year I put together a very brief online book in the form of a blog, called
"A Cosmist Manifesto" ...


It's sorta a brief summary of my views on life, the universe and the future
of technology.... Intended for compactness and simplicity rather than intricacy
or completeness.

A number of people have suggested I publish it as a regular [paper + e] book ...
so I'm considering doing this. Really it would be more of a booklet, it's
very short!

But before doing that, I'd like to go through the thing and revise it thoroughly

And before doing that, I'd like to get some more comments and critiques. What
critical ideas or aspects are missing? What is too poorly explained? What is
stated in a potentially misleading way?

If you radically disagree with the overall perspective of the document, there's
no constructive point in saying so in the Comments: I'm very unlikely to change
my basic perspective due to your commentary! And in a brief document of
this nature, disputation with alternative overall philosophical perspectives is
not appropriate (that's more apropos in a longer, more academic work).
But if you agree with the general direction but have constructive
criticism about
specifics, I'd love to hear it...

I'd prefer to get comments in the Comments fields on the blog itself
-- that's why
I made it a blog. Then I can go through all the Comments systematically and
revise the text accordingly.

I probably won't get around to book-ifying the Cosmist Manifesto for a
month or two,
thus there is no extreme urgency here...

Thanks much...
-- Ben

Ben Goertzel, PhD
CEO, Novamente LLC and Biomind LLC
Director of Applied Research, Singularity Institute for AI
Vice Chairman, Humanity+
External Research Professor, Xiamen University, China
"If truth and justice are on your side, don't expect to have people
too." -- Mignon McLaughlin

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