[sl4] Singularity Research Challenge: Less Than One Week Left

From: Steven Kaas (steven0461@gmail.com)
Date: Tue Feb 23 2010 - 18:29:10 MST

Dear SL4,

Since December, the Singularity Institute has been running the
Singularity Research Challenge, which will run until February 28th
(this Sunday). During this campaign, donations to SIAI will be matched
dollar for dollar.

$86k of the challenge's $100k has been reached already; there's $14k
still left to be matched.

If the rest of the challenge is completed, we'll have made full use
out of this opportunity to advance SIAI's activities. To get a sense
of what this means, see our achievements for 2009:

There's a list of grant proposals at
http://intelligence.org/grants/challenge#grantproposals. If there's any
project that you think SIAI should put its effort toward, you can fund
that specific project.

SIAI aims to use resources toward maximal expected charitable impact
on the world, by working toward a positive singularity and reducing
existential risks to civilization. See, for example, a recommendation
from utilitarian Alan Dawrst:
http://www.utilitarian-essays.com/donation-recommendation.html. Or see
more fun reasons to reduce existential risk at

To find more information or to donate, visit:


Steven Kaas
SIAI Visiting Fellow

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