[sl4] Re: repurposing the tithe

From: matthew houston (hookysun@gmail.com)
Date: Sun Feb 14 2010 - 14:49:28 MST


thoughts on the following:
in my neck of the woods theism is rampant, namely oklahoma.
had this idea for tithing, but of an atheistic nature,
but actually i have donated and worked with the singularity institute,
but as long as theism is this meme spreading about, well, the
singularity meme will have to contend with it, so i thought that
working to raze the ground of theism might prepare it for planting.
planting the singularity meme.
the underlying idea i'm having is that people freed from religion
might thereafter seek activity with a point, and at least some of them
will see the friendly AI effort as satisfactory.

i personally have exorcised my girlfriend of religion, and now she's
absorbed with the concepts of the singularity institute. in fact the
tithing idea is hers, and generally we both like the idea of taking
religion's tools and pointing them another way.
lately she reports that she may exorcise someone in turn, so i'm
'enthused' to say the least.
think about it...

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