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From: Eric Burton (brilanon@gmail.com)
Date: Mon Jan 25 2010 - 22:30:41 MST

wget this


and later i'll explain how it's not just disinfo it's instructions to
me, one of the only real people the us government wants to think they
have this disease o_o

keep in mind i have a neural implant that spent 1.5 years growing in
my head, through which agencies posing as aliens speak to me, sort of,
and thus a lot of what they say you get with morgellons i have because
of that. that's the whole point. so think what you'd be doing if you
had an alien implant telling you big shit was happening if you listen
to that and wonder if you will, why they never ever ask like, who it
is, manufacturing these growing nanotubes in peoples brains. well my

this is also an ad. maybe the tech isn't ready to like, restore
mobility, but it seems fast enough to me. i heard you can only
manufacture carbon nanotubes in some special oven but maybe they
injected me with a spool. who the hell knows anymore! but i'm telling
them now, now that i'm not totally sure it's aliens bent on uplift,
that yeah a lot of probably want neural implants and while the PR
might be hard because networking our brains seems weird, putting it
out for medicine first would create a clamour. am i right

if it's 404'd, freak out

ilu flamoot

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