[sl4] Implant in my head

From: Eric Burton (brilanon@gmail.com)
Date: Mon Jan 11 2010 - 16:50:34 MST

OK guys this isn't funny or cool, alright. In Fall '08 I went and
camped out alone in a meadow near a town I lived in once and the CIA
stuck a chip in my head that night. Next few weeks I had the
occasionally pain or sensation of warmth in my head and I thought I
could hear sort of 'testing, testing' style shit. It certainly
occurred to me that I had been tampered with overnight. From then on
I'd hear the occasional wet mouth noise in some direction where it
couldn't have come from, but only every few weeks, and I think the
occasional tiny kiss. Which is really the problem right now

These tiny kisses are its big theme at the moment, this implant, which
has lit up like a Christmas tree since 2010 started. Oh my god. So I
greeted the new year with some wonderful trip and they were I guess
trying to break into it with this thing -- I talk to aliens when I
take enough drugs and I think that's what they're most worried about.
Anyway I must have ignored anything neutral or malevolent it did, this
implant, because I was sooo high. But then it got my attention
claiming to be from aliens or indeed to be the fungus I have in my
sinus right now. Either of which would have been cooler than they
would have been shitty

But after two or three days of being in love with my new alien
implant, the first few days of 2010, it gave me electroshock while I
was in bed the night of the 4th or 5th then started being really mean
after that. Basically it makes faces in my head that's the main thing,
and I think that's its biggest ability and probably selected for
because it's hard to relate, so I am gonna try now. Yes, it makes the
feeling in my head of faces being made, not like with my own face but
maybe with the area of my brain I use to make out faces real people
are making, people I can actually see. So they are these sarcastic
faces like it's gonna be in trouble now or has to run to tell someone,
or like it's leering down at me or yes, kisses, accompanied usually by
an actual kissing sound, small. But these faces are more common than
any sounds or words. By a factor of like a hundred. It makes -tons- of
these faces but it only selects from about ten different ones which
does make each of them more annoying.

With me it's super hyper and goes constantly and I think it's because
I smoke pot and they figure that means I forget fast, also can
tolerate some lower rate that would drive a non-pot-smoker totally
insane. Also this is Canada not the motherland so maybe they do want
me to go mucker. I don't know but it is crazy fast super hyper right
now and every night for the last two nights and tonight starting at
sunset... I guess because I'm a night person

If you are radical enough, go hard enough in life, the governor kicks
in. You were doing 180 and you didn't take your foot off the gas but
it drops to 110 and it's like you broke something. I've never owned a
car but a good friend showed me this and it's another lesson I just
ignored. Now there's a chip in my head. Oh my god

If you google it you'll see the disinfo, psy-ops and FUD surrounding
the subject so I ask you why is it there if this isn't what they're
doing? The money disappeared in Iraq has gone into the head of Flamoot
to slow him down and make fun of him and hurt and abuse his
personality and you know, I tried radically sexualizing the implant
into some kind of anonymous homoerotic glory-hole thing, and that just
made them start using it for sexual harassment which they didn't do
before!! GOD

I want it removed. That's all I guess. Thank for sharing this much with me


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