[sl4] Easy way to possibly get SIAI many thousands or millions in donations from a very rich and generous organization. Please help rewrite this into a formal proposal.

From: lispunit_benrayfield@audivolv.com
Date: Mon Jan 04 2010 - 12:27:50 MST

Below I will explain an easy way to possibly get the Singularity Institute For
AI many thousands
or millions of dollars, and the first $100,000 is being doubled by charity
Specificially my writing below contains an unofficial draft of a proposal to a
rich and generous organization that should be interested if its properly
Please help rewrite this so a formal proposal can be made.

Older version of this same proposal is at:

I'll quote Bill Gates (owner of Microsoft) in a forbes.com news article (linked
from his webpage)
about him, titled "Ruthless Philanthropy":

[quote]Ask Bill Gates what advice he'd offer the next U.S. president to improve
American competitiveness
and innovation, and he gives a wry chuckle. "I tend to think more about
improving the entire world as
opposed to relative positions," he told Forbes.com. "Otherwise you could say,
'Hey, World War II was
great because the U.S. was in its strongest relative position when that was
over.' "[/quote]

[quote]he's going after Big Problems: diseases that kill children, illiteracy,

Of course even if the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation winds up spending about
$100 billion--roughly
the combination of its current assets along with the existing fortunes of the
Gates family and pal
Warren Buffett--the problems Gates is tackling are achingly big.[/quote]

It says Bill Gates is in the process of spending over $30,000,000,000 on charity
(see the numbers below).
Thats over 300,000 times more than the http://intelligence.org/challenge charity is
trying to get people to
donate (I'll explain their purpose below), and every dollar donated to
is matched 1 to 1 to become a 2 dollar donation, until February 28 (8 weeks from


[quote]What We Fund
Our Community Grants program supports projects that:

* Are in alignment with one or more of the Community Grants focus areas
* Are proposed by a 501(c)3 nonprofit, tribe, or government entity
* Serve residents of Washington state or the metro Portland area
* Include the priority populations of youth, families, Native Americans, and
other communities
of color. Within these populations, a majority of those who would benefit from
the work should be
low income.
* Show evidence of sufficient organizational capacity to successfully carry out
the proposed work
and achieve the proposed project outcomes-or include a viable plan for
increasing capacity in
order to complete the work
* Leverage partnerships with public or other private funders[/quote]

I recommend everyone send a copy of the following to the "Bill & Melinda Gates
Foundation" and rich
software businesses, or if you are more knowledgeable on the subject, maybe you
could write, or convince
http://intelligence.org to write, a proposal on that webpage for it

[quote]To the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,
as the leader of the software industry, I'm sure you're aware of the
exponentially fast progress
being made in artificial intelligence, in simulating smarter and smarter
and in robotics (like that Asimo robot that walks up and down stairs and serves
so you must be aware that we are approaching Human level artificial intelligence
that can think for itself, join the military like a Terminator robot could, or
help with research,
or whatever it wanted to do, and what we do in these next few years or decades
will strongly
influence what it chooses to do, if it chooses to fight us or help us, therefore
I request
that you take advantage of the charity matching (1 dollar becomes 2 dollars, up
to $100,000)
until February 28, to the charity for the only organization whose primary
purpose is to prepare
the Earth for such advanced artificial intelligence and other global risks, and
to research
better ways to do those things.

Millions of people are dieing of Malaria (one of your preferred charities), but
a much smaller
donation to the Singularity Institute For Artificial Intelligence (multiplied by
2) is much
more cost effective per life saved, on average, just in case bad things were
going to happen
from very smart artificial intelligence. Malaria kills millions of children. If
artificial intelligence is done the wrong way, it could kill billions.

You may think theres only a 1 in 1000 chance of that happening, but its still a
good gamble.
A billion lives divided by 1000 is a million lives on average. You got where you
are today
by being a good gambler. Please look into the possibility of these dangers,
and similar long-term global dangers at http://lifeboat.com which also each have
a charity.

In my opinion, this organization could effectively make use of up to 100 million
but any amount would help. Its a small organization that hires geniuses to do
abstract thinking,
and they live on very small amounts of money so they can hire a maximum number
of geniuses
to think about these problems. They say $100,000 (multiplied by 2) would fund
their operation
for an entire year. Thank you.

(You might want to add your own message or edit it before sending it)

I don't know if it will work, but theres a small chance it will work, so the way
I see it,
multiply that small chance by whatever donation he might make, and that is what
I've accomplished
in the few minutes it took me to write this and copy it to a few places. I'm
explaining this
so other people can learn how to push money around without having any of their
and generally to be more resourceful and strategic, like an artificial
intelligence would be.

While I don't like the Digital Rights/Restrictions Management (DRM) in many
Microsoft products,
or the many bugs left in abandoned older softwares, when Bill Gates decides to
do something,
he is very effective at doing it, and his new goal is saving the world as much
as he can.
These 2 organizations I wrote above are a perfect match for eachother to get a
effectiveness per dollar, and that's what he's looking for. To everybody, please
copy this
text to many people, to forums where the subject is relevant, and most
find someone who can write up a more official and detailed proposal to

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