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From: John K Clark (
Date: Mon Nov 30 2009 - 22:33:56 MST

On Mon, 30 Nov 2009 "Matt Paul" <> said:

>> idea is indistinguishable from a soul.
> It is very distinguishable

How? I can't see any difference from what you are saying and what the
bible thumpers are saying, or at least no more difference from what the
Catholics say as opposed to the Protestants, its all complete shit.

>that's why I tried to use a science/math perspective to illustrate.

All you've done is add a layer of pseudo-scientific sounding techno
babel that helps us not one bit in explaining how the world works.

> I have NOT been talking about a soul, because it doesn't fit into science. Dimensions do

So how does a new direction help us understand the nature of
intelligence? Zero nada zilch goose egg.

> How does 2 dimensions explain area? How does 3 explain volume?

How does 5, 6, 7 or 999 dimensions explain intelligence? What the hell
has dimensions got to do with it and why do you even bring it up? You
don't even hint at what the connection could be. It's as big a load of
crap as religion, hell it is religion. You don't like the word "soul"
but you're fine with the idea of a soul, as is almost everybody on this
list. I'm not.

> Ok, Occam's razor. Sure. But we aren't doing a fine job of explaining it.

Bullshit. The reason AI seems to make so little progress is that as soon
as a computer can do something it is decided that thing is not really
intelligent after all. Fifty years ago people thought solving equations
or playing a great game of Chess required intelligence. No more. Fifteen
years ago people thought it would take a great deal of intelligence for
a librarian to do what Google does. No more. Intelligence is whatever a
computer can't do YET.
> Explain imagination, explain art.

Sorry could you repeat the question, I was distracted by playing a sad
tune on my violin while looking at a beautiful Hallmark greeting card
showing dogs playing poker.

> I never said any of this was unfathomable, you did.

But you never explained anything about your idea, not one thing, all you
did was kick the problem upstairs, exactly what religion does.

> What about the so-called god-particle

God is real unless defined as an integer.

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