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Date: Mon Nov 30 2009 - 18:52:54 MST

Natasha wrote:
> Do you think that AI has or can have goals?

A "goal" is a convenient way to describe an optimization process, but not the only way to describe programs in general. Does a linear regression program have the "goal" of fitting a straight line to a set of points? Does a thermostat "want" to keep the room at a constant temperature? Do individual neurons have goals?

It is my opinion that AI will emerge from the internet as a huge collection of narrow specialists and a distributed index for routing messages to the right experts. In I describe the goals of its human builders, but the AI itself is not described in terms of having goals.

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Quick question:

Do you think that AI has or can have goals? (Or are you saying that you are presuppoing goals for AI which are not AI's decided/determined goals?)


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