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((((LispunitFromPersonsName "Ben F Rayfield")
(LispunitFromURLOfIdea "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newcomb%27s_paradox"))
(LispunitFromURLOfPerson "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yudkowsky"))
((LispunitFromURLOfSoftware "http://sourceforge.net/projects/lisputer")
(LispunitFromURLOfSoftware "http://sourceforge.net/projects/schrouter")))

Or a translation for those who do not know Lisp or quantum/manyworlds/Tegmark physics theories:

It may appear that I am going outside the Lisp syntax by writing this here instead of above, but you are all inside and equal to a deterministic translation to Lisputer now, at least in theory. Through careful science, which may take a short time or many years, we can test Max Tegmark's theory: "all structures that exist mathematically exist also physically"

QUOTE FROM http://www.secretgeek.net/lisp_truth.asp

Because we've reached the limits of moore's law, the computers of the future will have many-core processors and all our programs will need to be written in a combination of haskell and lisp, that will itself be so powerful that the computers of the future will not be able to implement any of our ideas without creating time-travelling algorithms that borrow processing power from other computers that are further into the future. This sounds difficult, but in lisp it isn't difficult at all. in haskell this is a built-in feature and the way you implement it is just a no-brainer to any one who knows lisp or haskell.

After that, the computer of the future will be called The Lisputer. It's speed will be measured using the Lispunit, which is a measure of how many simultaneous arguments about the inadequacy of lisp can be proposed and defeated by an infinite number of lisp pundits without any actual decisions being made. Today's computers run at just under one lispunit. The Lisputer will run at lisp Lispunits, where lisp is a fundamental maximum constant of the universe that can't be expressed using ordinary imperative numerals. Suffice to say that it ends with an infinite number of closing parentheses.



SOURCEFORGE DESCRIPTION: "Don't panic". Based on Max Tegmark's theories, a high-level quantum prog-lang for solomonoff, bayesian, determinism, nondeterminism, Global Consciousness Project. Plugin for Schrodingers Network Router. Recursion controls blur/sharpen of multiverse.

Schrodingers Network Router

SOURCEFORGE DESCRIPTION: Research framework for possible interactions between UDP packets as exponential amounts of uncertainty build up in divergently branching recursions through many computers on the Internet. Set AI goals more/less uncertainty for multiverse blur/sharpen.

((Lispunit Lispunit) (Lispunit Lispunit))

Now that you have self-awareness, what will you do?

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