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From: Matt Paul (lizardblue@gmail.com)
Date: Tue Nov 24 2009 - 08:19:51 MST

On Nov 24, 2009, at 1:22 AM, "John K Clark" <johnkclark@fastmail.fm>

> On Mon, 23 Nov 2009 "Matt Paul" <lizardblue@gmail.com> said:
>> Is the intelligence that has advanced humanity actually able to be
>> recreated in a machine?
> Yes obviously

-- you say obviously, but it seems much less than obvious to me. There
are aspects of our "intelligence" that I think may not truly be
physical, not a neurochemical process, not a logic system that can be
mathematically represented.
>> What about motivations such as compassion, comfort, hate, love,
>> fear of death,
>> desire to defeat an enemy, etc.
> What about them

These motivations are what drive us to "advance" and they color the
solutions we create. I think they are worthy of examination to see how
integral they might be.

Another point, or an extension of my first point.
I think there is much being missed here. It seems to me that there is
much about our intelligence that has little to do with our grey matter
other than being a receiver of some sort. I see no discussion of
morphogenetic fields and how those are a part of our intelligence.
What about intuition, what about imagination? These two things
especially are key and I highly doubt things like imagination are
contained wholly within the brain. How would one mimic imagination?
How would one mimic dreams/desires which have been the driving force?
How would you model our non-local features (assuming they really are

Why would a super AI want to go to work everyday any more than we do?
Why would a super AI give even a shred of doodoo about us?

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