Re: [sl4] The Jaguar Supercomputer

From: Mu In Taiwan (
Date: Sun Nov 22 2009 - 14:40:36 MST

>re: 1) When I said "hogwash", I was referring to the statement "IBM
simulated a cat cortex"

Fair enough. I'm inclined to agree.

> What about being a "useful human" might not be captured if you were able
> capture the behavior of that particular brain?

I mean a 'fully trained for human society' brain. e.g. your brain vs. a
newborn baby's brain. This appeared to be what another poster was referring
to when they spoke of taking years to train brains.

The problem of turning 'baby brain' into 'adult brain' is known to take
years of training.

The problem of turning 'unconfigured computer simulation of a physical
brain' into 'configured computer simulation of a physical brain' appears to
be a different problem.

Of course, you might find that once you've got a working simulation of a
physical human brain, you then also need to take it from 'baby' to 'sociable
human adult'. I'm just noting that these seem to be different kinds of
training problems.

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