[sl4] The Starving Artist Experiment

From: Mark Nuzzolilo (nuzz604@gmail.com)
Date: Tue Nov 03 2009 - 02:14:37 MST

Suppose I were to take a willing participant in captivity, who does not know
how to draw art very well, and deprive him of food for a day or two.
Thereafter I would put in front of him his favorite food, and tell him that
unless he draws me a decent picture of something, the food will be given
away to somebody else. For this thought experiment, I would like you to
assume that the effects of hunger on the human mind and body are not
significantly inhibiting in any way his "regular" ability to think or draw.

The question is, will he then draw greatly above his previous skill level?
What implications does this have for intelligence, and has there been any
research into intelligence or psychology using this type of approach or
concept? Keep in mind that there are also other potential motivators other
than hunger.

Mark Nuzzolilo

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