Re: [sl4] List focus (was: Re: greetings)

From: Robin Lee Powell (
Date: Thu Oct 15 2009 - 11:17:04 MDT

On Mon, Oct 12, 2009 at 09:57:51AM -0500, Bryan Bishop wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 12, 2009 at 9:30 AM, Thomas Buckner wrote:
> > This is why such discussions get sniped by the moderator. The
> > whole sl4 forum is meant to further ideas about how to make sure
> > the AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) is Friendly, i.e. that
> > it doesn't do badly by us, even unintentionally. It's an
> > insanely hard problem and some very smart people disagree about
> > the best approach.
> "... The SL4 mailing list is a refuge for discussion of advanced
> topics in transhumanism and the Singularity, including but not
> limited to topics such as Friendly AI, strategies for handling the
> emergence of ultra-powerful technologies, handling existential
> risks (planetary risks), strategies to accelerate the Singularity
> or protect its integrity, avoiding the military use of
> nanotechnology and grey goo accidents, methods of human
> intelligence enhancement, self-improving Artificial Intelligence,
> contemporary AI projects that are explicitly trying for genuine
> Artificial Intelligence or even a Singularity, rapid Singularities
> versus slow Singularities, Singularitarian activism, and more."
> I'm ready to leave if we're all supposed to be on board the FAI
> train. Is wrong or not representative of what this list is
> actually about?

As far as I know, is correct, and I haven't seen anything
sniped on here in *ages*.


They say:  "The first AIs will be built by the military as weapons."
And I'm  thinking:  "Does it even occur to you to try for something
other  than  the default  outcome?"  See ***

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