[sl4] Re: [ExI] Who's using Google Wave?

From: Giulio Prisco (2nd email) (eschatoon@gmail.com)
Date: Thu Oct 15 2009 - 10:57:01 MDT

Emlyn, I see you have already joined the Cosmist Wave. We are
experimenting with Wave as a platform for group discussion and
collaboration, and with Google Groups as a means to manage wave groups
(the standard solution Google is developing). I have created a test
group wavecosm: a Wave discussion group for cosmists, extropians,
transhumanists, singularitians etc.: If you wish to join, please:

Request to join the Google Group wavecosm

When you have joined this group, Wave will let you in all the waves
participated by the group (subject to experimental verification).

Please join only if you already have a Wave account - the standard
mailing list will be used only for announcements and all discussions
will take place on wave. I have already given all my wave invitations,
but I hope to have more soon, and I am sure others still have some.

On Thu, Oct 15, 2009 at 6:38 AM, Emlyn <emlynoregan@gmail.com> wrote:
> Who's using Google Wave? The worst thing about it is that there's no
> one to talk to - plz hlp k thx bai!
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