RE: [sl4] Starglider's Mini-FAQ on Artificial Intelligence

Date: Wed Oct 07 2009 - 14:37:09 MDT

Aleksei wrote:
I found to be somewhat unusually honest in a refreshingly funny way,
example below (also, there are very few things in the document that
I'd disagree with)

Thanks for sharing. I think the only thing I would disagree with is the idea of easily escaping connecionist AIs. We are an example of an AI that can't easily escape onto the internet. If the AI is built on an architecture where there are different security domains (so no part knows all the source code), *and* it is a messy design with no over-arching theme to copy then I don't see why it shouldn't have as hard a time escaping as we do.

I'm also not sure there are actually many diverse ways to make intelligences as adaptable as humans. Although there are of course many different types of intelligences once you have the correct base.

Will Pearson

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