RE: [sl4] Profiles of Singularity University 1st course students

From: Marian Iskandar (
Date: Sat Aug 01 2009 - 14:52:31 MDT

25k for a 9 week course?! That's 10k short from the YEARLY tuition prices offered for private universities! This program is obscenely expensive. Is this pseudo-university even accredited?

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> Subject: [sl4] Profiles of Singularity University 1st course students
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> I noticed that Singularity University has published a substantial
> amount of information on their first class of "students":
> (each student has a personal profile page, I recommend you glance them through)
> Boy, did I feel elated at seeing the high quality. I heard it was
> good, but I did not expect such a large amount of very accomplished
> entrepreneurs, "a senior adviser to the President of Israel" and never
> mind the amount of doctorates and records set in scholarly
> achievements... quite good for "a random postgraduate course" run by
> people who belong to "a weird cult" if we were to believe the claims
> of certain hilarious individuals...
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> Aleksei Riikonen -

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